There is a dream in our hearts…about a place, a home of safety and restoration. We live in a world that has forgotten the power of the family home. The days when identity was revealed over fireside chats and moments of inheritance have almost become a myth in our culture. Youth With A Mission in Reno has begun establishing this dream in our hearts. We don’t just want a school where spiritual structures are taught and built into the lives of our students, but a home where the Father grows character, reveals destiny and anchors us all in unchangeable truths.

For 3 years now we have prayed for this home, a place that we like to call ABBA’s House. The search has taken us all over Reno. We have found ourselves looking and living in multiple homes. Finally, the Father has directed us to a special place here in Reno with amazing owners. We believe that we have found the home of YWAM Reno. This place has been specifically set apart for a mission like our own. 

Now is the time. The LORD has directed us to release the call over this property. There is an invitation of investment open to you. This is one of those moments people talk about, that opportunity is a part of history as it is being made.

Right now, right here, as you read these words you can be the one.  The one whose investment unlocks the identity of world changers. The steps you take now will unleash the destinies of those who will make the changes in every sphere of society which will usher the Kingdom of God around the world.

Be the one… the one who ensures that Reno will be a force of the unchangeable truth of the gospel to spread throughout creation. 

This moment is really THAT big. Be the one. Give today.


Abba House

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