Prophetic Gamers

"The First Stage in Finding Your Purpose is Finding God."

Join us on a six-month journey where you will find God, and discover the true you!

You will begin with Lecture Phase, a 12-week training will prepare your heart to encounter Jesus in ways to grow, heal and teach others about the Love of God the Father.

You will then spend 10 weeks on Outreach Phase at a TDB location. You will spend these 10 weeks sharing, teaching, and reaching the community around you!

Returning to YWAM Reno, the DTS will then undergo/learn re-entry techniques to help process their time in DTS and also the amazing work that the Lord did in their lives. Following is a Graduation where you will celebrate your season with family and friends.

This application is the beginning of the enrollment process for DTS. You can expect an email at the address you enter containing the final steps for completing your enrollment process.